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  • How do I pair my headphone with my mobile device?

    1. When the headphone is turned off, press and hold the power button for 3S to turn it on (the blue light is on).

    2. After power on, it will automatically enter pairing mode (The light will flash blue and red), and turn on Bluetooth on the phone. In the Bluetooth settings, search for available devices, the Supsoo headphones will be displayed on the phone, tap it to start pairing.

    3. After pairing is complete, your headphone is ready to use (blue light). Check if you can play music with headphones.

  • How do I turn on/off my headphone?

    To turn on/off your headphones, please press and hold the power button for 3 seconds.

    When it's on, the light will flash blue. If it's off, the red light stays on for 2 seconds and then turns off.

  • Why the headphones can't be turned on?
    Please charge the battery.
  • My headphones has no sound

    1. Turn on the headphones and charge the battery.

    2. Check the state of the status indicators.

    3. Increase the volume on your headphones, your mobile device and music source.

    4. Slide the power/Bluetooth switch to the right and release to hear the connected device. Make sure you are using the correct device.

    5. Move your mobile device closer to the headphones and away from any interference or obstructions.

    6. Use a different music source

    7. Connect another mobile device.

    8. If two mobile devices are connected, pause your other device first.

    9. If two mobile devices are connected, move the devices within range of the headsets (30ft. Or 9m).

  • Why my headphones won`t charge?

    1. Secure the ends of the USB charging cable.

    2. Try another charging source.

    3. If your headphones have been exposed to high or low temperatures, let the headphones return to normal temperature and try charging again. 

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